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A Newbold Artist Or Gallery District

Newbold - Space for Artists and Galleries

Newbold Vision – Space for Artists and Galleries

Housing stock on Bancroft and Chadwick Streets has built or modified to accommodate automotive businesses in ground floor space, with office or residential space above. Some of these spaces are now vacant, for sale, or available to rent. The unique architectural style of these buildings, combined with the intimate feel produced by the narrow street widths, produces an ideal opportunity for adaptive reuse of the structures in an artist loft / gallery district.

First floor automotive uses could be converted for space as studios, galleries, or even sidewalk cafes, where the existing garage bay doors could be maintained as a nod to Newbold’s past and opened on days with good weather to provide an indoor/outdoor workspace. Upper floors could be used as residential space for the artists and gallery owners who work in the space below.

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