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University of Pennsylvania City Planning Program Partners with Newbold CDC

In Spring 2007, Newbold CDC partnered with the Master of City Planning program within the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania to help assess the Newbold area and produce a comprehensive plan under the guidance of planning professionals. The work was an academic exercise that consists of four main phases: data gathering and study of existing conditions, development of alternatives and analysis, visioning and recommendations, and the production of a plan with strategies for implementation.

UPenn & Newbold CDC Initiative

Measuring the flow of pedestrians at the intersection of Snyder and Passyunk Avenue

Phase 1: Existing Conditions

The planning team started the process of collecting information about Newbold by visiting the site, meeting with the clients, compiling census data, interviewing key community leaders, and taking an inventory of community resources and needs. the team focused on land use, zoning, demographics, crime, housing types, the housing market, and the business environment. the following are sources used for the collection of data:

  • 2000 and 1990 U.S. Census data at the tract and block group level
  • NIS neighborhoodBase and the crimeBase of the Cartographic Modeling lab at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Windshield surveys conducted by the team members
  • Stakeholder Interviews


Phase 2: Analysis

In the second phase, the planning team synthesized the data and focused on the issues most significant to both the client and the community and suggested two alternative approaches for Phase 3. From the two alternatives provided, the Newbold CDC selected the Passyunk/ Snyder corridor to be the team’s focus for the remainder of the project. the team conducted further analysis to formulate different methods for addressing the key issues of the intersection. the methods of research included:

  • Case study research
  • Market analysis
  • Survey of business owners and shoppers
  • Pedestrian flow analysis
  • Further stakeholder interviews
  • Urban Design / Streetscape analysis


Phase 3: Vision and Catalysts

As a culmination of the research and analysis, the team articulated a vision for the study area and presented recommendations for the Newbold CDC to best increase its efforts for neighborhood improvement. Urban design tools were used to portray how specific elements can impact the pedestrian and vehicular circulation and create a sense of place in the intersection.

Phase 4: Streetscape Plans with Implementation Strategies

The final plan provides strategies for implementation that enumerates goals for the immediate, near, and distant future. Wherever possible, the financial feasibility of the recommendations and potential funding sources are also included.

reNEWBOLD by LPMG and Postgreen Homes

LPMG Companies are bringing Postgreen Homes to South Philly with plans to develop 18 residential units and one commercial space. The project features 2 and 3 bedroom homes with 1 car parking and roof decks with amazing city views at 16th & Moore in the heart of the Newbold neighborhood.

Progressive Development in South Philly

While Postgreen Homes has been building it’s reputation in the northern neighborhoods of Kensington and Fishtown in Philadelphia, steady requests have come in to build similar homes in South Philly. LPMG’s vision for the up and coming Newbold neighborhood, was the perfect opportunity. Newbold held many similarities to the neighborhoods Postgreen Homes had built in to date with close proximity to public transportation, affordable land and a vibrant mix of old and new residents and businesses. The result is reNEWBOLD. A new modern design by award winning ISA combines with a LEED Platinum seeking certification to bring South Philly one of the most progressive residential developments it has seen in decades.

reNewbold is a commitment to the belief that reinivestment in our neighborhoods is essential to the stability and growth of our city.
John Longacre, LPMG Companies


This is an edited version of an article, originally posted On February 25th, 2012 By Develop Philly: CLICK HERE for the full, original version.

A Newbold Artist Or Gallery District

Newbold - Space for Artists and Galleries

Newbold Vision – Space for Artists and Galleries

Housing stock on Bancroft and Chadwick Streets has built or modified to accommodate automotive businesses in ground floor space, with office or residential space above. Some of these spaces are now vacant, for sale, or available to rent. The unique architectural style of these buildings, combined with the intimate feel produced by the narrow street widths, produces an ideal opportunity for adaptive reuse of the structures in an artist loft / gallery district.

First floor automotive uses could be converted for space as studios, galleries, or even sidewalk cafes, where the existing garage bay doors could be maintained as a nod to Newbold’s past and opened on days with good weather to provide an indoor/outdoor workspace. Upper floors could be used as residential space for the artists and gallery owners who work in the space below.

Newbold Community Groups

Newbold is fortunate to have enough civic pride to support two community organizations. The Newbold Neighbors Association, and the Newbold Civic Association, work to organize events, beautify the neighborhood and represent the interests of the local community in local politics.

In this video, Naomi Geschwind, president of the Newbold Civic Association, discusses her association’s dedication to bettering the Newbold neighborhood.

Opportunities to Create A Restaurant And Boutique District

Restaurant District

Passyunk Avenue, west of 16th street: The existing 15’ sidewalks on this section of the commercial corridor on the south side of the street provide an excellent opportunity for sidewalk seating. when combined with the multiple food-based existing uses, this presents a strong opportunity for limited- service restaurants to add sidewalk seating and for new, full service restaurants to locate here.

Newbold Vision – Restaurant and Boutique District

Newbold Vision – Restaurant and Boutique District

First floor of residences on the north side of Passyunk Avenue between 16th and 15th streets could become become retail space. Second floor remains residential with the possibility of adding extra stories of residential space. This would produce a row of small retail spaces that could evolve with boutique style tenants.

Broad Street and Passyunk Intersection

This space can be better utilized as a gateway connector between west and east Passyunk Avenues. Similar to the Avuenue Plan proposed for west Passyunk, restoring the tree-lined median to broad Street would visually connect this vital commercial corridor to the Newbold neighborhood.