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Opportunities to Create A Restaurant And Boutique District

Restaurant District

Passyunk Avenue, west of 16th street: The existing 15’ sidewalks on this section of the commercial corridor on the south side of the street provide an excellent opportunity for sidewalk seating. when combined with the multiple food-based existing uses, this presents a strong opportunity for limited- service restaurants to add sidewalk seating and for new, full service restaurants to locate here.

Newbold Vision – Restaurant and Boutique District

Newbold Vision – Restaurant and Boutique District

First floor of residences on the north side of Passyunk Avenue between 16th and 15th streets could become become retail space. Second floor remains residential with the possibility of adding extra stories of residential space. This would produce a row of small retail spaces that could evolve with boutique style tenants.

Broad Street and Passyunk Intersection

This space can be better utilized as a gateway connector between west and east Passyunk Avenues. Similar to the Avuenue Plan proposed for west Passyunk, restoring the tree-lined median to broad Street would visually connect this vital commercial corridor to the Newbold neighborhood.

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